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A Texas pedestrian was seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident in South Texas this week in what authorities believe was a road rage incident.
According to local news sources, a man became upset when he learned that his appointment at the Audie Murphy VA Hospital had been canceled. The man stormed out of the building, jumped into his car, and began driving before he had calmed down. His out-of-control car swerved onto a sidewalk and struck a pedestrian before speeding down the road and into a tree. The man who allegedly caused the accident was unhurt, while the pedestrian that he struck was rushed to South Texas Medical Center for treatment.
Unfortunately road rage is all too common on the streets of Texas. Sometimes triggered by issues with traffic and sometimes triggered by unrelated life events, driving while angry can be extremely dangerous and even deadly.
How does road rage happen? When drivers become enraged, they become much less likely to properly control their vehicle, watch out for hazards on the road, or pay attention to signs and signals. At the same time, someone with road rage may be so angry that they act out violently by ramming their car into objects, running others off of the road, or assaulting drivers when they get out of their cars.
There is absolutely no excuse for road rage. If you have been involved in a vehicle accident caused by road rage, you should speak with a Dallas car wreck lawyer immediately about your case.

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