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This week, following a fatal bike accident in The Woodlands, we’ve been focusing on Texas bicycle rules, laws, and regulations. However, while we’ve covered all of the official rules of the road for cyclists, we haven’t talked about strategies that bikers can use to help prevent bike accidents and injuries. Below, we’ve shared three vital tips for cyclists who wish to stay safe on Texas roads:

  1. Make predictable moves. Far too many bicycle accidents take place when a cyclist does something that a vehicle isn’t expecting. Being predictable consists of following all of the rules of the road, always using hand signals when stopping or turning, and never making sudden movements into traffic.
  2. Make sure you can be seen. Bikes are smaller than almost any other vehicle on the road. Because of this, bikers are often blocked from view by other vehicles. During the day, make sure to wear bright clothing and reflectors. At night, equip yourself with a headlight or headlamp and red lights or red reflectors on the rear of your bike.
  3. Ride defensively. Never, ever assume that a car or truck knows that you have the right of way – or that you are even on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers of motorized vehicles aren’t familiar with bicycle laws – and this unfortunate fact often leads to serious accidents.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a Texas bicycle accident? You may deserve compensation for your injuries and other damages. To learn more about your case and your rights, speak to a Dallas bike accident attorney at the Rasansky Law Firm today. We offer accident victims a free, private consultation with an experienced lawyer.

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