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A Dallas driver ran a stop sign in Pleasant Grove, striking a family minivan and injuring four of the five occupants inside.

After the Dallas car accident, the responsible party left the scene of the accident without even checking to see if the children involved in the crash needed medical assistance.
Dallas Police say that the hit-and-run car crash took place at the intersection of Masters Drive and Muskogee Drive just before 11 PM at night on Thursday. The minivan that was struck contained a family, consisting of a couple and their three children. The wife, a three-year-old, and eight-year-old and an 11-year-old were all injured and transported to local hospitals for treatment. The youngest car accident victim was the most seriously injured and was rushed to Children’s Medical Center at Dallas though he is expected to survive.
The driver of the car responsible for the hit-and-run accident has not been found, though the vehicle involved in the crash was found near to the accident scene in a back yard and covered with a tarp. The accident remains under investigation.

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