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There are bad drivers out there that pose a threat to everyone on the road. Beyond those drivers, there is another class of drivers who are so negligent in how they handle their vehicles that it’s sometimes hard to comprehend. These drivers are some of the biggest threats to everyone and you have to watch out for them. Here are three of the worst types:

car signalCell phone users.

Even though there has been ample information provided to everyone about how dangerous it is to talk on a cell phone while driving, some drivers still insist on doing so. They may believe that they’re too important to put down the phone or they may just not be particularly considerate individuals, but they are genuine threats. A driver who injures you while they were talking on their cell phone may be found to have been negligent by a jury.

Distracted drivers.

Smartphones, in-car televisions and other devices all compete with the road for the attention of these drivers. While these devices can be fun and make driving more enjoyable, these drivers turn their electronic devices into constant distractions. If you’re in front of, behind or alongside a driver who is constantly looking at something other than the road, be wary. They may well be headed for a wreck and you might be the one that they get into it with.

Drunk drivers.

Drunk drivers are the biggest threats among all the different types of negligent drivers out there. They’re deadly, to put it bluntly, and they’re so unpredictable that there’s really no universal way to deal with them. Take all the aggression, diminished intellectual capacity and attention problems of an intoxicated individual and combine it with 2 tons of steel and glass and you have an accident waiting to happen. The law might punish these drivers, but that doesn’t really do their victims any good.
Finding a car accident attorney in Dallas that can help you file a lawsuit against these drivers is the best way to deal with the situations that they case. A personal injury lawyer may be able to file a successful lawsuit against one of these drivers and help you to get compensated via a jury award or a settlement. If you’ve been in a wreck and the driver was negligent, don’t give up. Call an attorney and see if there’s a case that you could file against them for compensation.

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