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With the weather getting warmer, there will be more and more bicycles on the road. These vehicles are treated as any other vehicles legally, though they oftentimes have special routes and their own traffic signs, as well. Here are some tips for avoiding bicycle car wrecks.

1: Get Mirrors but Don’t Overly Rely on Them

bicycle1iStock_000006802154XSmallYour mirrors always say “no”. You should have mirrors on your bike, but your mirrors are not there to substitute for turning your head and looking when you change lanes or cross intersections, but they’re great for warning you when someone comes up behind you unexpectedly. Have them on your bike but never use them as a substitute for a quick head check.

2: Check Your Brakes

Bicycle brakes are oftentimes not maintained very well. The problem arises because people check their brakes while they’re riding slowly or while they’re working on their bike while it’s stationary. You have to be riding at a regular speed to know whether they’re working properly or not. The best bet is to take your bike in for maintenance at a qualified repair shop. They can make sure your brakes are working properly.

3: Wear a Helmet

Falling off a bike is enough to kill you if you come down on your head. Get a helmet and wear it when you’re riding. If you ride a lot, you may also want to consider knee and elbow pads, as well as gloves. This ensures that you can catch yourself if you fall with a greatly reduced chance of sustaining a serious injury.

4: Bring Water

Dehydration on a bike is a very real risk. If you hit an open area where the sun is beating down or end up biking into strong winds, your body consumes tremendous amounts of energy and fluids. The best way to avoid becoming dehydrated is simply to have a water bottle with you wherever you go. Make sure you drink before you actually get thirsty so that your water levels are adequate.
Remember that not all vehicle drivers are going to respect your right to the road. In fact, count on them not doing so. If someone causes you to come to harm because of this, contact a bike accident lawyer. A bicycle wreck attorney in Dallas drivers use can most certainly help you seek compensation if you were injured on a bike because a driver was negligent.

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