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Every day, Dallas parents leave their children at day care centers. Parents expect that they will return after work to find their child cared for and uninjured. They know that even in day care, accidents can happen. When a child is accidentally injured, parents expect to be notified immediately and given the details of the accident.  But this isn’t what happened when 18-month-old Kyelynn Speaks was injured at the Brighter Day Academy in Dallas.
On September 27, 2012, Erica Speaks arrived at Brighter Day Academy to pick up her daughter. She was surprised to see a bandage on her face and asked what had happened. The daycare worker handed her a piece of paper that said little Kyelynn had fallen and scraped her face.
Ms. Speaks was concerned and took Kyelynn to the hospital. A nurse looked at the girls injuries and diagnosed them as burns, not scrapes. There was a second degree burn on Kyelynn’s check and a painful third degree burn behind her ear.
Since then Ms. Speaks has had several conflicting reports from the day care center. She was first told that Kyelynn fell. Later she was told that she was injured on a slide. The third story was that Kyelynn was with a cook at the time of her Dallas day care injury. Ms. Speaks wants to know what really happened and why she wasn’t notified.
Ms. Speaks has filed a police report and registered a complaint with the state. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is currently investigating the injury to determine whether Brighter Day Academy is safe for children.
Parents have another way to hold negligent day care centers responsible for injuries to their children. A Dallas day care abuse lawyer can seek accountability through a personal injury lawsuit.
The daycare abuse legal team at Rasansky Law Firm would like to wish Kyelynn a fast and full recovery.

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