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In the weeks after a number of Toyota car recalls by the automaker, law firms from around the country and continent have been filing class action lawsuits regarding the car company’s defective auto parts and vehicles. In Texas, a Corpus Christi law firm has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of owners of Toyota models and Lexus models that have faulty throttle control problems and gas pedal issues.
Sylvia and Albert Pena III say that their 2008 Toyota Avalon accelerated through a stop sign last month, resulting in a car accident. Their lawyer says that the international car company knew about the acceleration problem but were negligent in recalling the vehicles sooner or in repairing the problem. Some believe that the defective”Electronic Throttle Control” (ETC) systems in many of Toyota’s models have been responsible for thousands of accidents and even car accident injuries and car accident deaths.
While Albert said that his accident occurred at a stop sign, Sylvia said that the car had abruptly sped up when she tried to slow down to make a turn. The couple bought their car new two years ago.
The lawsuits puts forth that the car company did away with a redundant mechanical linkage in the ETC that would prevent these types of errors from occurring.
Other similar lawsuits are being filed elsewhere – one class action Toyota lawsuit claims that the car company should have known or possibly did know about problems with the cars’ gas pedal and acceleration mechanisms. Others are seeking a full refund for their Toyotas.

  1. I am trying to determine if there is currently a class action lawsuit pending, in Texas regarding Toyota and the soy vased wiring issue. In Feb. 2018, I paid $600.00 for wiring repairs on my 2008 Toyota Tundra with only 87,000 miles on it. Now today Monday May 14, 2018 I find the same dash warning lights on when I started my truck. Toyota did not correct the condition in Feb.. Can you assist me regarding this issue?

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