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Transportation company owner sentenced to 14 months in prison for falsifying and destroying driver logs for two years in order to boost profitability.

This is a criminal act which may lead to driver fatigue and eventually, truck accidents. Individuals who do this are trying to cheat the system by making their drivers work overtime and out of legal limits in order to reach set targets.

18-Wheeler Truck Driver Fatugue
Transportation Company Owner Jailed

The owner, Mr. Dariusz Szteborowski, asked his drivers to submit pay sheets which were separate from the original ones detailing accurate records. According to reports, he then proceeded to destroy the original documentation detailing the correct number of hours.
Szteborowski was arrested and sentanced to 14 months in jail, and was also ordered to serve a three-year supervised release after custody. He’s not eligible to own or operate a transportation company during the period of his sentence, a move which may hopefully deter him from falsifying records ever again.
The FMCSA played a pivotal role in the man’s arrest as they carried out the bulk of the investigation. The body is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the federal laws which apply to commercial transportation companies are followed in order to avert preventable accidents.

Truck accidents are serious.

Road accidents involving trucks are some of the most common and fatal types of automobile accidents on American roads today. Most of the time, the driver and passengers of a sedan or smaller car involved in a collision with a truck have near zero chances of escaping serious injuries and even wrongful death due to the high impact nature of these auto accidents.

Driver fatigue is the main cause of trucking accidents.

Driver fatigue is one of the main causes of 18-wheeler accidents. By pushing their drivers to the limits, transportation company managers are always looking to squeeze in an extra hour to boost profits. However, due to the long distance nature of these trucking journeys, most drivers simply can’t take the pressure and thus have diminished attention due to fatigue on the road. Driver fatigue leads to drowsiness which in turns makes it harder for truck drivers to concentrate, making accidents more likely to happen.

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The Federal Department of Transportation requires that drivers have a certain number of hours for rest. This is usually corroborated by a vehicle log audit every other month to ensure compliance. If you’ve been a victim of a truck accident, you may want to have experienced Dallas truck accident attorney subpoena and investigate the driver’s hours-of-service logs. In fact, it’s imperative to your case. Rasansky law firm is located in Uptown Dallas, close to the American Airlines Center. Please call 1-877-405-4313 or come by today to discuss your legal options (for free). Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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