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Staying safe while driving in dangerous conditions.

People who get into car wrecks during inclement weather often blame wet conditions, but the truth is that you’re required to drive to conditions.
Dallas doesn’t suffer the harshest weather conditions in the nation by any means, but there are certain conditions that are dangerous, even when the weather that brings them is relatively mild. Wet road conditions are always dangerous, and provide a good example of this. A wet road can cause all kinds of problems: it can make it easier to lose control of your vehicle, cause motorcyclists to lay their bikes down, and even cause pileup accidents on highways.

Driving in unsafe Conditions
Driving in unsafe Conditions

Rainy conditions affect some of the most important variables for anyone who’s driving a car. They affect braking distance, visibility, and road surfaces.
When you’re in rainy conditions, make sure that you allow yourself more time to stop. No matter what kind of tires and brakes you have, beware of the road conditions and the effects of water on the vehicle’s braking systems. This can easily send you through a stop sign when you’re expecting to stop, or result in a rear end collision. Be aware of other drivers who are driving too fast for conditions and keep out of their way.
Slippery roads and limited visibility are a very dangerous combination. It’s easy to get distracted trying to see the road and to not see what’s coming at you. If the conditions are bad enough, slow down. Stay away from 18-wheelers, as well. They kick up a lot of water, and they have an even harder time stopping in these types of conditions due to their weight. Remember that truck drivers can’t see you behind them sometimes, especially if you’re too close and water or mist is obscuring your vehicle. Use your headlights and give them plenty of room so you don’t end up in a big rig collision.
If you’re injured by a driver who is driving recklessly, especially when they should know better, contact our car wreck lawyers immediately to learn how we can help.
People have an obligation to be responsible on the roads, and if they’ve caused you an injury or the loss of a loved one, you may be entitled to significant compensation. An attorney can help explain the options available to you, and many (like us) take these kind of case on a no win, no fee basis.

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