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One person was killed and another was injured in a rollover accident that local authorities believe was caused by the vehicle hitting a curb. The Texas car accident is a sad reminder of the importance of wearing seatbelts in the event of a rollover accident.
The car accident took place on Sunday, June 20, at around noon, when 24-year-old Wayne Andrew Drake struck a curb on US 77 north, overcorrected, drove across the highway, struck a ditch, and rolled over. Drake was ejected from the vehicle and then crushed by the car. A passenger in the vehicle, 26-year-old Latoya Chentate Caufield, was also ejected from the vehicle but survived. Emergency responders rushed her to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center for treatment. Her condition is unknown.
Neither person was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident. Seatbelts are a vital safety tool when it comes to surviving a car accident – especially when the car flips or rolls over during the crash. In the event of a rollover, a seatbelt will keep you in your seat and prevent vehicle ejection. In addition, a seatbelt will prevent your head from striking the roof of the car during a rollover.
While we can never know if seatbelts could have helped minimize injury in this specific instance, we do know that seatbelt can and do save lives. In fact, one study found that car accident fatalities would fall by 40 percent if everyone buckled up.

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