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If you’re out on the road, you have to be constantly aware of pedestrians.

During the winter months, pedestrians can be much harder to see. Even though this may be the case, the obligation is still on drivers to keep an eye out for pedestrians during the long nights that characterize the winter and to make certain that those pedestrians are as safe as possible on the roads.
When pedestrians are out and about during the holiday season, many of them won’t be paying attention to anything except for the items they’re trying to find and may not be as aware of their surroundings as they should be. This makes them particularly prone to getting into situations where they’re likely to get hit by a vehicle. If you find yourself in a crowded shopping area, be certain that you slow your car down a lot. Pedestrians tend to forget about using crosswalks when they’re pressed for time and when they want to get home after a long day of holiday shopping.

Holiday Driving
Holiday Driving Safety

If you’re driving in an area where there are a lot of pedestrians out and about, here are some ways that you can help to keep them safe:

  • Slow down
  • Use your peripheral vision
  • Be particularly cautious near stores and shopping areas
  • Give yourself extra braking distance

During the holidays themselves, be doubly certain to be on the lookout for pedestrians. This is particularly important during the New Year’s holiday. On New Year’s Eve, people tend to go out and have a good time and, because of that, they may be more impaired then usual. Watch out for pedestrians coming out in front of you and for pedestrians who aren’t paying attention to crosswalk lights and other safety features.
If you happen to be a pedestrian, keep an eye out for drivers who are in a rush and not paying attention to their surroundings. You’ll find this often during the holidays. It’s particularly dangerous in parking lots, where people are oftentimes frustrated after hunting for a spot for a long time.
No matter how frustrated a driver may be, they can be held accountable when they cause an injury or a wrongful death. Contact an pedestrian accident lawyer in Dallas if you’ve been injured by a driver who failed to yield the right-of-way when you were a pedestrian or if someone you love was killed because a driver was negligent. A car wreck lawyer may be able to help you prepare a successful lawsuit.

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