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Wrongful death lawsuits are about the survivors. These lawsuits are filed when a family is wrongfully deprived of a loved one through the negligence of another.

There are many different circumstances when these lawsuits are filed and, when they are, they sometimes manage to win enough in compensation to make sure that the surviving family is not put through undue hardship from a financial standpoint.

Wrongful Death Claims
Wrongful Death Claims

Vehicle wrecks.

Wrongful death claims are oftentimes filed over vehicle wrecks that result in deaths. These may be filed against commercial entities—such as trucking companies—or against individuals, if they are the cause of the accident. There are common circumstances where these lawsuits are oftentimes seen being filed.
Deaths on the roads due to drunk drivers, negligent trucking companies and drivers who were just plain reckless are common. Oftentimes, the family of a passenger who was killed in a vehicle may sue the driver if they were negligent in some regard, as well.

Medical claims.

Receiving the wrong treatment, delayed treatment or not receiving needed treatment at all can all have fatal consequences. Medical malpractice is a common reason that families file wrongful death claims. These claims are filed when the physician or healthcare entity involved did not provide care that was up to expected standards and where someone paid the ultimate price because of that.

Nursing homes.

Nursing home wrongful death claims are unfortunately common. There are claims that involve people going untreated for conditions and how die as a result. There are also claims that involve someone not being in a safe environment. For instance, one Florida wrongful death claim involved a woman who fell down stairs after the staff negligently left a doorway to the stairway open.
Wrongful death in nursing homes sometimes results from outright abuse, as well. For instance, if someone is being punished by the staff by having their care cut, it may result in that person becoming very ill and dying.

Filing a lawsuit.

Our Dallas wrongful death lawyers are able to help families figure out how much financial loss they suffered due to the loss of a loved one. While a jury award or a settlement can never take the place of a lost relative, it can sometime provide the financial security that the family needs to go on with their lives. Talking to an attorney about the matter will be the first step in determining if you have a claim, and we’re available 24 hours a day at 1-877-405-4313.

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