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A serious car accident can turn your life upside down in more than ways than one. In addition to the inevitable shock and physical distress, you may be dealing with sudden financial difficulties as medical bills roll in while lost work time accumulates. Meanwhile, you may be dealing with a stubborn insurance company that is more than happy to take advantage of your vulnerability to save itself money at your expense.

If the accident that injured you was someone else’s fault, you should receive full compensation for your injuries – including compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and any other loss you suffered. Rasansky Law Firm stands ready and waiting to join the battle and ensure that you are treated with fairness and respect.

We fight for you.

Dallas Car Accident Lawyer

Injured in a car accident in Texas?

If the accident that injured you can be attributed primarily to someone else’s negligence, a personal injury claim automatically arises in your favor. Claims do not enforce themselves, however – the Dallas personal injury compensation system is competitive, and it normally takes the skill and dedication of an exceptional Dallas car wreck lawyer to turn a claim into enough cash to fully satisfy a claim.

Rasansky Law Firm is well-known among Dallas car accident law firms. We value our hard-earned reputation because it was built on a solid track record of achievement over 27 years of practice. We handle every case with the same intensity we would if it were our loved one who had been injured.

Think you can’t afford us? Yes you can! We work on contingency, meaning No Fee Unless You Win.

You might be tempted to assume that you can’t afford to hire a top-tier Dallas car accident lawyer, let’s answer one question right here: How much does it cost to retain our services? The answer is ZERO. Our fees do not come due until we win your case and your money arrives. You will owe us nothing, until and unless you win.

Be wary when talking to an insurance company. They carry a bag of tricks into every interaction with you. The time to act is NOW!

3 common tactics insurance companies use when dealing with claimants:

  • Offering you a quick, “lowball” settlement that doesn’t begin to cover your actual losses, counting on the hope that you don’t understand the full value of your claim.
  • Monitoring your social media accounts, fishing for something that they can use as “evidence” that your injuries aren’t all that serious.
  • Tricking you into missing the statute of limitations deadline for filing a lawsuit by delaying resolution of your claim with constant manufactured excuses.

Insurance companies don’t like us very much – and we don’t blame them. They know the reputation of nearly every Dallas car accident attorney — and they know their tactics don’t work on our clients! In many cases, they would rather settle a claim privately than risk facing us in court.

What sets Rasansky Law Firm apart from the rest? Let us count the ways…

  • Experience – We’ve been practicing personal injury law longer than most new lawyers have been alive. After nearly three decades fighting for accident victims just like you, we don’t run into many problems that we haven’t resolved successfully many, many times before. We know exactly what we’re doing, and our results show it.
  • Personal Service – With three attorneys and a dedicated support staff, we are big enough to offer the resources that a sole practitioner lacks. Unlike large law firms we will treat you like a person, not a case number. We pride ourselves on being accessible to respond to your questions and concerns.
  • Reputation – Our reputation is built on treating our clients with respect and using unique resources to get the best results. No one understands better than we do that “results” means cash in your pocket – all the rest is just conversation. Our track record speaks for itself.  We’ve won millions in settlements for our clients over the last 27 years.

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