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Dallas Construction Worker Injury
Construction Worker Accidents

Many workers take for granted the safe work environments associated with most careers. Unfortunately, many construction workers have to contend with unsafe working environments on a daily basis. Things such as falling debris, unstable scaffolding, errant machines, and falls from height tend to plague construction sites.

It’s estimated that thousands of construction workers die every year in America due to scaffolding accidents alone. Working on a job site where cranes are present means the risk of falling booms, tipping cranes and rigging failures. Welding and electrocution accidents are also hazards common to construction workers.

Some construction supervisors don’t pay attention to safety standards, nor do they attend to hazards in a timely manner. This type of negligence, if found to have contributed to your injury, may enable you to sue your employer in order to recover lost wages, medical bills, and pain & suffering.

Workers’ compensation.

Most workers are covered by workers’ compensation insurance given out by their employers. This kind of state-run insurance compensates injured workers to a certain extent in the event of an accident. While this may sound like a good idea, the truth is that when an employer buys this coverage, they are doing so to prevent you from being able to file a lawsuit against them. If your employer has workers’ compensation coverage, you as an employee are barred from filing a lawsuit for due to a workplace injury or wrongful death – except in cases of gross negligence.

Be aware though that many employers will pretend to have workers’ comp in order to fool you into thinking you cannot sue! The only real way to verify this is to check with the Texas Department of Insurance. Our law firm will do this for you at no cost when you call us.

Nonsubscriber claims.

For those not covered by workers’ compensation insurance, while you may not receive any compensation automatically, you are allowed to seek 100% of your losses related to the injury through a work accident lawsuit in Dallas.

You cannot do this alone.

For your claim to be successful, you need to start by proving that your employer’s negligence caused your injury. This may only be possible through the assistance of an experienced construction worker injury attorney in Dallas. Rasansky Law firm deals with construction accidents involving injury and death, and we invite you to call us to discuss the facts of your case free of charge. You deserve proper representation in order to win your case.

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