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Some startling statistics from the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies claim that that there 63 percent of the nation’s children under the age of five in daycare every week. Yet, shockingly, only 10 states out of 50 require unannounced inspections of child-care centers and only 12 states require caregivers working in child-care centers or daycare centers to have any formal training.

Sue for Psychological Abuse of a Child
Psychological Abuse of a Child

This means that emotional daycare abuse or neglect could be running rampant through halls of your daycare center and going unchecked by daycare center owners, operators, managers, or worse yet, even the state licensing agencies. Since a lot of children in day care centers are under the age of two, and cannot speak or express their feelings or emotions, anything could be happening to your child. Mental and emotional abuse at a daycare centers is prevalent since there are no physical symptoms to look for in these cases.

Caregivers may become easily frustrated and lash out in anger or may use abusive language. They may be overworked and, in most cases, are underpaid. This is no excuse. A lot of daycare center employees may be unqualified for their job. They may even have serious personality disorders which cause them to act inappropriately around children.

Warning signs of emotional abuse and neglect.

As a parent, you should be aware of the warning signs of emotional daycare abuse and neglect. Our emotional daycare abuse lawyers offer the following list of red flags and warning signs of daycare abuse:

  • Changes in your child’s behavior and extreme mood swings;
  • School problems, behavioral problems;
  • Fear of certain places, people or activities; and
  • Fear, aggression, and/or clingy behavior on arrival at the daycare facility

There are many other signs and symptoms that you as a parent must be concerned about if you suspect daycare abuse or neglect.

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