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Physical Abuse and Corporal Punishment
Physical Abuse is Unacceptable

The threat of daycare physical abuse is real. When dealing with a possible situation of daycare abuse or child care neglect, there is always the devastation of fear and panic over the thought that something awful may have happened to your child. Conversely, one must be careful before beginning to make accusations on little to no proof. A good starting point is to trust your instincts, at least as it pertains to your child.

If you suspect daycare physical abuse or neglect and have a bad gut feeling, the best course of action is to remove your child from the center, if possible, until you are comfortable with the situation. At that point, you can begin to focus on investigating what may be happening to your child and speaking to professionals before moving on to lay blame.

If you have serious and legitimate concerns about daycare neglect or childcare abuse of any kind, you should immediately contact the local authorities and/or child proactive services. Also, if you suspect daycare physical abuse and/or sexual abuse or injury, you should seek immediate medical assistance from your child’s physician or an emergency room.  Once you know your child is safe, contact our experienced daycare physical abuse lawyers to discuss all legal options.

Red flags

Some red flags and changes in your child’s behavior should give you pause as to whether daycare physical abuse may be occurring. Some potential warning signs may consist of the following:

  • Changes in your child’s night time habits – more frequent bed-wetting, nightmares, fear of going to bed, or other sleep disturbances;
  • Changes in your child’s toilet habits;
  • Changes in your child’s behavior – Does your child act out inappropriately? – You’re your child hit or strike other children or act rebellious?
  • Does your child’s teacher, director, caregiver, or staff fail to answer your questions, fail to address your concerns, or fail to follow-up with you?
  • Are there any mechanisms in place for parental involvement?
  • Is your normal happy child now outwardly unhappy or depressed?
  • Does your child come home with multiple unexplained accidents?

There are many other signs and symptoms that you as a parent must be concerned about if you suspect daycare abuse or neglect.  You know your child best and should not hesitate if you suspect they are being abused in any form.

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