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Sexual Abuse of a Child
Seek Justice and Prevent Future Abuse

Sexual abuse of a child is at the top of any parents’ worst nightmare list. Unbelievably, sexual molestation and abuse occurs far too often by those daycare center employees, teachers and aides to who we entrust our children’s care. Although parents often feel guilty because they failed to detect signs or symptoms of daycare abuse or neglect, the fault or blame does not rest with the parents, but rather, with the daycare center and childcare centers and facilities. Parents often feel responsible because they choose the daycare center for their child.

The truth is that is while a thorough investigation of a daycare is essential when selecting where to send your child, unfortunately our daycare sexual abuse lawyers know the risks of daycare abuse and neglect can never be completely eliminated.

Sexual abuse of a child involves exposing a minor to anything sexual in nature, including inappropriate touching (both the adult touching the child and the child being made to touch the adult), sexual intercourse, showing the child pornographic material, exposing genitalia or masturbation. Sometimes it is difficult to identify the signs of sexual abuse, especially in very young children who cannot relay information about the situation to the parents.

Some tale-tell signs of sexual abuse include the following:

  • Excessive sexual curiosity,
  • Acting seductively or playing in a sexually suggestive way,
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections, pain, itching and/or bruising of the genitals,
  • Sudden separation anxiety, nightmares, bed-wetting and confidence and self-esteem problems.

Our experienced daycare sexual abuse lawyers also not that if a child develops an aversion to close contact, particularly with a certain person, there is probably a reason to be suspicious.

It is imperative that parents ask questions about who will be in contact with their children while at the daycare and whether or not all of these people have had background checks. Also important, beginning when the child is very young, is teaching the child about their private areas and that no secrets should be kept about someone who is touching them. Surprisingly, less than 30 percent of parents teach their children about these very important issues.

Be proactive.

To help you make the right choice for your child, you should consider different options in selecting the best daycare or childcare for your child. Remember that you have choices and should ask questions when you visit each daycare center.

Our daycare sexual abuse lawyers offer the following as a guidelines and a checklist:

  • Call each program
  • Make an appointment, and visit each daycare center for at least one hour
  • Watch activities and the interactions between the staff and children
  • Check the surroundings
  • Ask questions of both staff and parents.

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