Have you been further harmed by a doctor’s failure to treat your illness or injury?

With so many expensive medical and nursing errors being made on a yearly basis, it’s no wonder that doctors, nurses and hospitals are often hesitant to order any medical treatment that is not absolutely required. However, this does not make the failure to treat a patient’s condition acceptable.

Failure to Treat Lawsuits
Failure to Treat

Doctors have an absolute responsibility to examine for and treat for the threat of disease or injury, and to take prompt action when discovering its presence. A doctor owes a duty to treat a patient according to the acceptable standard of care – that is, what an ordinary, prudent doctor would do under the same or similar circumstances. The doctor should not be hesitant to perform his duty according to the standards set by his own industry.

However, the failure to diagnose and the failure to treat a disease in its early stages is indeed a major oversight. It is a costly injury for the patient, and the doctor has now opened him or herself up to potential litigation.

Examples of “failure to treat” medical malpractice cases.

Failure to treat disease or medical conditions can involve any of the following types of cases:

  • Failing to perform medical tests
  • Failing to treat a known medical condition
  • Failing to refer a patient to other specialist
  • Failing to advise a patient of all medical options
  • Failing to treat a patient because she has no insurance
  • Failing to recognize and treat heart emergency symptoms in the ER

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