What is the legal definition of nursing home abandonment?

Abandonment, when used in the context of a nursing home facility, is a general term that is linked with nursing home neglect, a form of abuse.

Nursing homes have a duty and obligation to monitor its patients on a regular basis. Residents are in nursing homes for a reason: they are incapable of performing activities of daily living for themselves. They need constant attention by trained professionals. In addition to abandoning a patient and not providing appropriate monitoring in a nursing home, deserting an elderly patient or leaving a patient unattended in a public or private place can be seen as willful abandonment.

How prevalent is elderly abuse, abandonment and elopement?

Nursing Home Abandoning Lawyer
Abandonment of a Resident

According to some studies, approximately one to two million people are injured or neglected by nursing home staff year in and year out. Moreover, one out of every 25 residents is being financially exploited by nursing home care givers. The National Center for Elderly Abuse reports that more than 470,000 cases of abuse or abandonment are reported yearly.

No doubt, nursing homes underpay and over work their nursing home employees. Nursing home aides and nurse assistants work long hours – some in excess of 16 hours per day – under the threat of termination and license revocation from their employer. While stress and being tired is no excuse for patient or resident abandonment, nursing home owners and operators have a duty and responsibility to ensure that adequate staff is employed and are properly trained to care for its residents.

Abandonment can have significant effects on a patient. When a resident is not monitored properly, a resident may suffer from complications related to his disease process.

Signs and symptoms of bad nursing home care.

Signs and symptoms that you should recognize as potential complications that your loved is not receiving the level of care that may required include the following:

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