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Trust. Nursing home residents (and their families) place a great deal of trust in the nursing homes they select when they admit their loved ones to these facilities. We expect that nursing homes will honor their commitments: treat their residents with dignity and compassion which they rightfully deserve. Unfortunately, as our nursing home physical abuse lawyers can tell you, this is not the case.

Heartbreaking statistics on nursing home physical abuse.

Abused at a Nursing Home Facility
Physical Abuse of the Elderly

It is tragic and heartbreaking to hear the horror stories of physical abuse that occurs in nursing homes. It is outrageous and appalling. The National Center on Elder Abuse in Washington estimates that that between one and two million seniors over the age of 65 were being injured, exploited or mistreated by their professional caregivers.

But, this number is pure speculation – often times, these hideous acts go unreported because of the nature of this “silent crime.” This only makes statistics from these types of studies all that more disturbing. It is believed that that for every single act of nursing home abuse and neglect, mental abuse or elderly abandonment incident that is reported to authorities, five more instances of nursing abuse and cases of nursing home negligence go unreported.

The National Center on Elder Abuse reports that any act of physical abuse is not only grounds for malpractice but also a criminal act. Practically all states consider financial, physical or sexual abuse a criminal act on par with assault and battery, rape or aggravated sexual assault.

Unfortunately, most of the perpetrators of physical abuse violations of nursing home residents go unpunished, at least in a criminal courtroom. Reasons for this include:

  • Residents being fearful of retaliation by the nursing home staff;
  • Prosecuting attorney worried that the nursing home resident lacks mental capacity to testify;
  • Nursing home family members “not wanting to put loved one through ordeal of criminal trial proceedings.”

No one deserves to be treated with indignity or physical abuse – especially our most fragile and vulnerable citizens. Nursing home residents should be allowed to live their remaining years in peace and dignity. If a nursing home has violated your trust and exposed your aging relative to physical abuse, then YOU must take decisive action. Our experienced nursing home physical abuse lawyers can help you navigate this difficult legal process.

After ensuring the safety of your loved one, either by going to the local authorities or calling family protective services, and removing your loved one from the facility if you can, the next step is talk to an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer about your physical abuse case. You and your loved one may be entitled to money damages. Call our nursing home physical abuse lawyer today and allow us the opportunity to review your case immediately. You are under no obligation by calling but are entitled to a FREE consultation.

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