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FMCSA Rules for Commercial Motor Vehicles
Jeff Rasansky

Did you know that there are specific federal laws which apply only to transportation companies and their drivers? The adherence to these laws is important—not only because they are designed to keep all motorists safe, but also because they could have a big impact on the strength of a accident victim’s potential claim or lawsuit. We…

Jeff Rasansky

The FMCSA has shut down four commercial transportation companies over Federal rules violations. The FMCSA is continuing with its campaign to make Americans roads safer, and has taken action on a handful of trucking companies and drivers. They declared two property carriers, five passenger carriers and four commercial drivers to be imminent hazards to the traveling…

Jeff Rasansky

The FMCSA has ordered Atlanta-based STSC Transportation to immediately cease all passenger transport operations. A Georgia bus company was recently ordered to shut down all of its operations by the FMCSA due to multiple transportation code violations. The bus company, registered in Atlanta, Georgia, plies the Philadelphia—New York route, carrying passengers between these cities. The…

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