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Birth Injury Rasansky Law Firm
Jeff Rasansky

Cerebral palsy is a term used to describe a group of chronic conditions affecting body movement and muscle coordination. It is caused by damage to one or more specific areas of the brain, usually occurring during fetal development. Our commitment to victims of cerebral palsy and their families is to do everything in our power…

Jeff Rasansky

Birth injuries can be physically apparent such as bruising and swelling on your baby’s head, face, shoulders, or torso. Often times, these are superficial injuries that are not permanent and heal within a few weeks. However, there are more serious birth injuries that can occur shortly before, during, or after delivery that can cause devastating…

Jeff Rasansky

Most birth injury cases are settled for a monetary amount. After settlement, money is initially paid to doctors and medical professional who have treated the child, attorneys for their fees and expenses in taking a case, personal insurance companies for medical care of the child, and parents for any out-of-pocket expenses. In some states, settlement…

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