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Daycare Abuse Rasansky Law Firm December 30, 2014
Staff August 25, 2016

Attorney Jeff Rasansky speaks with reporters at WFAA about a recent daycare abuse scandal. Well, the pictures are disturbing: it’s a toddler duct taped to a mat at a North Texas school. That child’s parents are beyond angry, and today they’ve filed suit in an effort, they say, to get justice. All this happened at…

Staff July 13, 2017

New developments tonight in the case of a Parker County daycare accused of using duct tape to restrain young children. The pictures started circulating shortly after the incident happened back in June. Now state and local investigators are close to taking possible action, and the parents of one of the two young boys involved is…

Staff August 24, 2016

We were the first to tell you about a daycare accused of duct taping children to their nap mats and tonight there is a new lawsuit on the books. For the very first time, the family taking legal action is talking about what they say their child went through at Heart2Heart Day Montessori Academy in…

Staff August 24, 2016

The parents of an 18-month-old boy claim their son was duct taped to his sleeping mat at a daycare last June are suing the day care. The facilities are also under investigation by the State. It’s important to know that the daycare remains open for business right now. The main allegations are that one person…

Staff August 24, 2016

A toddler disciplined with duct tape. That’s the accusation that has local parents suing a private school. We’re going to begin with that Parker County family suing a private school that they say abused their two-year-old boy. They say that their son was duct taped to a mattress because he was “fidgety” at nap time.

Staff August 24, 2016
Staff November 7, 2014

Every day children are abused in national daycare centers across this United States and mom-and-pop daycare centers in our own backyards. Today, as parents, we are relying on daycare centers more than ever before. We’re dropping off our children almost immediately after they are born. And, we should be able to rely on daycare workers…

Staff November 7, 2014

Dallas personal injury lawyer and daycare and childcare expert attorney Jeff Rasansky is interviewed by Channel 8 regarding the latest daycare abuse and neglect lawsuit filed. For more information regarding rights concerning daycare abuse and childcare neglect, contact The Rasansky Law Firm for a free evaluation at 1-877-405-4313.

Staff December 1, 2014

Attorney Jeff Rasansky speaks with CW33 in Dallas about a day care abuse lawsuit against Children’s World Stars and Tykes in downtown Dallas.

Staff August 20, 2015

Attorney Jeff Rasansky speaks to CBS 11 News in Dallas about a case of daycare abuse by a teacher involving thumbtacks at Children’s World (KinderCare) in Addison, Texas.

Staff August 24, 2016

Attorney Jeff Rasansky speaks with FOX 4 News in Dallas about a landmark decision regarding child molestation by a priest.

Staff November 7, 2014

This is not an isolated incident. Witness tells truth about daycare abuse and neglect. The child described the punishment as “stick stick.” Daycare abuse attorney Jeff Rasansky and his clients are interviewed by Geraldo Rivera.

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