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Almariah Duque died tragically of a Heparin overdose on March 31 after successfully surviving a liver, pancreas and intestines transplant surgery.  She had contracted an infection after the surgery and would die two days later when she was given an overdose of Heparin by staff nurses.
Within a few days, this young girl’s parents went from the highest of highs, thinking their child might see her second birthday, to complete devastation at losing her to an avoidable medical mistake.
Almariah was the only child of Greggorio and Kenya, young parents who had become accustomed to seeing their pride and joy in and out of hospitals all of her young life.  Now they are left to put back the pieces of a life that should have been.
The mistake that lead to this child losing her young life should have been avoided.  Unfortunately, mistakes such as this happen far too often in America.  Dallas medical malpractice attorneys, Rasansky Law Firm hear stories such as this all the time.  If you have lost a loved one because of the medical negligence of another, tell us your story today, or call us at 1-877-405-4313.  Help us put an end to medical mistakes in America.

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