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Texas does not see a significant amount of snowfall – but when wintry weather does descend on the Lone Star State, a slew of traffic accidents are sure to follow.
In fact, after a rare spring snow storm last month, dozens of car accidents and two deadly truck accidents on I-30 made many wonder whether many Texas drivers know and understand how to drive safely in all types of weather.
While Texas drivers probably won’t need to utilize these snow and ice driving safety tips as often, it is just as important for our drivers to know and understand how to reduce the chance of a Texas car accident in icy conditions:

  • Don’t drive if you don’t have to. Because snow is rare in Texas, the chances that your car is especially equipped to deal with snow are low – and the chances that you have extensive experience driving in snow may also be low. The one way to prevent 100% of snow-related car accidents is to stay home until the roads are cleared.
  • Turn on your headlights to increase visibility and so that others can see you in poor conditions.
  • Realize that snow removal goes slowly in Texas. Unlike states that regularly see bad weather, Texas does not have a fleet of snow plows and sanding trucks – or a large snow removal budget. Realize that road conditions will not improve as quickly as they might in a more northern state, where snow emergencies are more common.
  • Never try to pass a snow plow or sanding truck. 
  • Reduce your speed. The slower you are going, the less likely you are to receive a serious or fatal injury if you do become involved in a wreck. Don’t worry about going under the speed limit!
  • Shift in to a lower gear in order to gain more traction on slippery surfaces like snow and ice.
  • Increase the space between cars. It takes longer to stop in snow, so never tailgate and, in fact, give the driver in front of you extra room in case they spin out or stop suddenly.
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