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Most people get hoodwinked by the glitzy television ads which quote large figures given to plaintiffs in different types of cases. These ads are not only unfair; they also misrepresent the reality you may face. Today, we’d like to give you a more precise idea on how much you can expect to get from your car accident injury claim based on a number of variables.

1. Medical Bills

Your medical bills are perhaps the most important determinant when it comes to gauging how much you can expect from your settlement or potential verdict. Various things such as ambulance, emergency room, anesthesiologist and hospital room fees can all add up to an astronomical amount, making it hard to pay these bills off without adequate compensation.
Failing to seek medical treatment following a car accident can and will have a detrimental effect on the value of your claim (see video on subject). If you’re worried about the cost to see a doctor, most attorneys (including us) can refer you to a doctor or specialist which works on a “letter of protection.” This basically means that the doctor agrees to treat you for no up-front cost, as long as he or she gets paid back when the case settles or ends in a successful verdict for the plaintiff (victim). If the victim is not awarded any compensation, the doctor does not recover anything. There is no financial risk for the injured party.

2. Wages/Missed Salaries

Every day you spend out of work means a day lost in terms of income. This can add up to a substantial amount with time, which in turn may mess your budget or mortgage payments up. An experienced Dallas car accident attorney will look at your work schedule, contracts, returns, paystubs and other vital documents in order to gauge how much you should sue for so that you’re reimbursed for any loss of income caused by the negligent party.

3. Insurance Policy Limits

Insurance companies usually have policy limits when it comes to how much they are required to pay out. Since they’re a business, they will try as much as possible to downplay the accident in order to pay out the least amount of money. At the same time, they may lie about what their limits actually are – especially when speaking to a non-attorney. It is vital that you not try and negotiate with the insurance company. If you do, you will ONLY hurt the value of your case.

4. Statutory Caps on Damages

In some states, claims are capped at a certain amount. This is meant to discourage frivolous lawsuits. However, this is unfair to people who have sustained substantial injuries and are looking at a lifetime of care and rehabilitation. Speak to your lawyer to find out what legal caps may come into play in your case.
Other factors such as comparative liability, time passed and medical history also factor in determining the value of a car accident injury claim. If you’d like a full breakdown of these factors, please contact Rasansky Law firm at 1-877-405-4313 today and discuss your case with an attorney for free.

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