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First off, the majority of health insurance plans do not cover 100% of your medical expenses. At bare minimum, you are responsible for deductibles, co-pays, and on top of that, many types of procedures are simply not covered at all. More importantly, your health insurance carrier does NOT reimburse you for non-tangible or non-medical-related losses such as lost wages, pain and suffering, reduced earning capacity, loss of consortium, etc, etc.

Remember that medical bills are only one part of your claim. If you’re now unable to return to work at full capacity, the damages related to your reduced earning capacity will likely FAR exceed the cost of your medical bills. We all know that a serious injury impacts a victim in more ways than the hospital bill, but these type of losses will never be covered by any health insurance plan. Only a personal injury lawyer can assist you in collecting these types of damages through a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

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