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Paralysis refers to the total loss of muscle function for one or more muscle groups. This condition causes the loss of feeling or of mobility in a specific area of the body.
The Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary states that there are a few reasons why newborn babies may suffer from temporary paralysis or permanent paralysis upon birth. They include:

Birth Paralysis Injury Lawyer
Birth Paralysis Lawyers in Dallas

  • Genetics
  • Delivery trauma and birth injury
  • In utero shock

The symptoms of paralysis in infants may tell the story. The United Cerebral Palsy Information Source states that parents should look for symptoms carefully, since they are not easily noticeable at first. Symptoms may include the infant not responding to certain noises or being unable to follow objects with her eyes. The baby may also have a lack of normal facial expression.
These are the most perceivable symptoms around three months of age. Around six months, the baby will still seem to lack normal abilities, such as not being able to lift his head, roll over or even sit down without strong support.  Lack of appetite is also a concerning sign.  Whenever the newborn appears to be normal but has certain symptoms of temporary paralysis or permanent paralysis then it’s quite possible that traumatic birth injury is to blame.
While temporary paralysis or permanent paralysis is occasionally brought on by chance factors or the mother’s own neglect, sometimes this condition can be caused by medical negligence. On average there are 6-8 significant birth injuries for every 1,000 living births.
A doctor (or any medical professional) owes his patients a standard performance, one in line with standard protocol. Standard protocol is set by those with similar training and work experience. So it’s unusual for a medical professional to fail to live up to standard. A medical professional must show negligence, specifically in that he did not follow standard protocol or that he failed to prevent a birth injury by inaction, resulting in temporary paralysis or permanent paralysis.
If the case goes to trial a jury will have to consider all evidence involved, including expert testimony made by doctors regarding the “accepted standard of care.” Temporary paralysis or permanent paralysis can result in babies after traumatic injury or after oxygen fails to flow to the infant brain during the delivery.
If you believe your child has suffered from a birth injury that has caused temporary paralysis or permanent paralysis, then contact a birth injury attorney. If your child has needlessly suffered because of a doctor’s negligence you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, future medical bills and treatment as well as pain and suffering.
Our Dallas birth injury attorneys have an extensive background in this area and will provide you with a free initial consultation. Call Rasansky Law Firm today at 1-877-405-4313.

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