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Due to the large cost of inmate care, Texas is releasing more and more elderly and sick prisoners from jail and into what is called “medically recommended intensive supervision.” However, many are concerned that this growing pattern of early medical releases could be unfair to the victims of their crimes and unsafe for nursing home residents.

Early medical release for elderly prisons

The number of inmates released for medical reasons and age more than doubled in the past two years: 40 inmates were released early due to poor health in 2009, while 85 were approved for release in 2011. Authorities explained that there are only about 300 beds for sick inmates across Texas – and that the prison population is aging with each passing day.
Many believe that the Board of Pardons and Paroles is using medical early release in order to shift the cost of sick and old inmate from the state to federal programs like Medicaid and Medicare. While some elderly criminals return to their families for care, many are transferred to nursing homes.

Elderly prisoners and Texas nursing homes

While two out of three requests for medical release are denied, many who are released are free despite life sentences and violent pasts. Those with elder loved ones in nursing homes worry that former prisoners may be a threat to others in the care facility – carrying with them added danger of physical assaults, sexual assaults, and other issues.
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