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by Jeff Rasansky - November 11, 2010
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

carwreck4If someone injures you in a vehicle due to negligence, you may be able to file an accident claim against them. A Dallas auto wreck lawyer will be able to tell you if this is the case or not. Not every case will win, of course, and some of them get settled out of court without being heard by a jury. No matter how your case goes, however, your attorney will make certain that you’re ready to face whatever comes your way. Most often, the most traumatic part will be the accident itself.

There are plenty of auto wrecks where one driver is obviously negligent. In many cases, there is alcohol involved in the wreck in one way or another. If someone has injured you in such a wreck, contacting a lawyer with experience in this field is vital. You’ll want to contact them as soon as possible after the crash in the most literal sense. You should contact your lawyer before you talk to your insurance company. If possible, you should contact them right after the accident, when it’s still fresh in your mind.

Your attorney will need to go over the circumstances of your wreck and make sure that you have a case before they take you on as a client. If they work on contingency, their consultation is usually free, and this allows you to find out if you do have a case with no risk involved. If the attorney doesn’t feel that you have a good case, they simply will refuse to represent you in court.

If your case moves forward, there is a chance that your attorney will be able to negotiate a settlement with the other party’s attorney. If this happens, you won’t actually have to set foot in a courtroom. The attorney will simply let you know the figure being offered and, if it’s acceptable to you, the case ends with the payment.

If you do go to court, it will be up to a jury whether or not you’re given an award. If you get an award or get a settlement and your attorney is working on contingency, you’re charged for legal fees when the money is given. If not, the car accident attorney charges you nothing for their time and effort. This is a good way to make certain that your attorney plans on winning your claim, not just collecting fees.

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